Trademark Enforcement

Over A quarter Century of Brand Protection Experience 

It takes time, money and energy to build a brand...

Once your trademark is registered, you are obligated to protect it or you risk losing the ability to enforce your mark. 

A trademark registration will not prevent the registration of YourMark.New domain names by third parties.
That is why ICANN created the Trademark Clearinghouse - to give you the chance to protect your mark.
JACO Digital is an authorized Trademark Clearinghouse Agent ready to help protect your valuable brand. 

Cease & Desist Letters

Often the first step in any brand enforcement strategy, an appropriately toned communication can be effective.

Infringement Actions

Our strategy is to help our clients to strategically develop a reputation as being tough on counterfeiters.  

Law Enforcement

We have excellent relationships with law enforcement agencies and regularly work with them to stop counterfiters.

Injunctive Relief

Swift emergency relief is often necessary to address the infringement of trademark rights of National brands.

UDRP Arbitrations

We have decades of experience evaluating and enforcing our client's domain name rights.

Uniform Rapid Suspension

The new gTLD domain names present unique issues. As an official TMCH agent we are highly qualified and experienced.


A Quarter Century of Legal Experience.

Trademark, Copyright, Counterfeit and Other Brand Infringement Claims