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With decades of experience representing clients in the Internet, advertising and media space in business transactions and litigation in State and Federal Court, we realized that there needed to be a better way for our clients to delegate the inherent complexities of DMCA compliance without having to hire an in house DMCA expert or incur the cost of having your business lawyer handle regular administrative task. Our clients needed a reliable resource to outsource this high-stakes administrative task. That is why we created JACODigital.

We serve clients worldwide out of two offices in Southern California. Over three decades ago, our team began assisting Internet and technology companies develop their on-line media, advertising and data security strategies. Since that time, we have matured into one of the top professional Internet compliance companies in existence. Whether your compliance needs involve privacy (GDPR, CCPA), content licensing, DMCA compliance, copyright compliance, trademark compliance, domain name compliance, subpoena response or general internet risk management, you can trust JACODigital with all your Internet compliance needs.

JACODigital – Simplified Internet legal compliance.

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Your website or application is a potential source of liability for your company if you allow your users to post information to the public. Allowing any third party to post information of any kind to the public opens the door to potential liability where the information posted by your users infringes upon the intellectual propperty rights of a third party. You may responsible for the information that your users post. You can significantly reduce your potential liability with proper DMCA registration and notice management. We can file your registration and manage all incoming notices to help make sure you remain in compliance. (more)

The Trademark Clearinghouse is a centralized database of verified trademarks, that is connected to every new Top Level Domain (TLD) and is the most important tool for tradmark owners to protect their trademarks around the world within the new TLDs without having defensively register thousands of domain names. As an authorized Trademark Clearinghouse Agent we can register and manage your trademarks within the database and help take action in the event a third party attempts to register your trademark as a domain name. (more)

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