Policy Compliance FAQ

For the cost of about 1 hour of legal time we will review your Terms of Service and Privacy policy to determine whether your documents are in compliance with the requirements of the DMCA for Safe Harbor protection under DMCA Section 512.

DMCA Policy Compliance Review

  • If your website hosts the content of others, a regular review of your DMCA compliance status is an essential part of proper risk management.

    With this service, we examine your current privacy policy, terms of service and DMCA policy (if you have one) and issue a written evaluation of your policies to confirm that your policies, working together, satisfy the requirements of the DMCA in order to take help make sure that you are in position to take advantage of the Safe Harbor provisions of the DMCA in the event of a copyright claim against you for the content you host.
  • Website Legal Documents

    Please make sure that all documents submitted are from the same website. Only one website is included per service purchased.
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